Our Facilities

Chandresekhar Library

The Chandresekhar Library Came into existance in 2004 when the institute was established and is renamed Chandra Shekhar Library. The rich library is housed in spacious and centrally air conditioned building on the ground floor.

The Chandra Shekhar Library strives to serve the needs of the faculty, research scholars, students and members of the Institute. It is the heart of the institute and acts as a center for the collection of literature predominantly related to all the functional areas of management and its allied subjects and develops a comprehensive collections with well formulated collection development strategy of print, digital and online resources, that is useful for teaching, research and reference purpose. The library houses a varitable collection of 10000 books,500 bound volumes of journals.

Computing Facilities

Information technology is unarguably the defining force of this millennium and JDIMT is poised to break new grounds as the most e-enabled Business School in India. The Initial focus of being system friendly has now resulted in a virtual flood of e-initiatives. Beginning with the up-gradation of infrastructure like marching towards Wi-Fi Campus, supplemented by the introduction new course, workshop, seminars, live projects and setting up a center for e-Business that aims to facilitate Industry academic interface, thus enabling the creation of whole new batch of tech-savvy managers with the skills to integrate technology solution to the work place environment.

Hostel Facilities (Seprate for Boys & Girls)

Student Residence facilities at JDIMT consists of two residences with more than 200 rooms in all, separate for boys and girls. The Residences are well equipped with facilities such as phone, water filters, coolers, and common rooms which create a homely atmosphere. Every residence has access points linking to the local Area Network Resources and services.
Banking Facilities is available in college campus.

Open Auditorium

The campus has one state of art open auditorium, this open auditorium plays host to internal students events. The open auditorium hosts all a major events ranging from annual Convocation.

Sports Facilities

A sound mind in a sound body is what JDMV fulfilled through its service of management education during 4 years of its glorious existence. Hence, the students enjoy the sporting facilities such ever green grass football field floodlight tennis, basketball courts of international standards.

Medical Facilities

The campus has a visiting doctor who is available during specific hours every day. Round the clock medical assistance is available through access to the renowned Singh Medical Research Institute, modern multi disciplinary hospital which is just seven km away from the campus. The hospital ensures world class medical to students and faculty alike.


Institute has cafeteria facilities in its basement, this is full of modern food items like chowmeen, Burger, Coffee etc.

Banking Facilities

IOB operates a branch with all essential Services in the college campus ATM Facility.

Transport Facilities

College also provides transport facility to the students & staff throughout Varanasi.

Full Wifi Campus

Internet connectivity in this century forms the main requirement for everyone in different aspects of life. Acknowledging this need and importance in today’s world, particularly in the education domain, the institute is well equipped with state-of-the-art ICT to cater to students, staff and faculty members.

Ragging Free Campus

Jeevandeep Ensures “Ragging-Free” Campus with the fullest co-operation of Students and Staff.

The Institute strongly adheres to anti-ragging policy and implements it through true spirit of actions. The institute takes several timely actions including close monitoring to ensure the system is in place to meet the requirements and it is ragging free.